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Why Go Mobile ?

  • Your Customer Expected It
    Consumers use their devices on a daily basis. Whether it’s a mobile optimized website or a dedicated mobile application, the expectation among consumers and businesses alike is that mobile solutions will be available when the need arises.

  • Your Competitors Already Did
    If your customers expect it, then your competitors already fulfilled their wishes. Even if not explicitly true, this assumption should be the modus operandi of businesses wishing to stay abreast of the market. Moving to mobile has benefits in its own rite, but doing so before your competitors helps cement the perception that your company cares about your customer needs, and has its finger on the pulse of web and technological development.

  • Your Team will be More Responsive
    Businesses change dynamically, constantly, opportunities arise on a moment’s notice, and capitalizing on them requires agility. To this end, mobile solutions offer unparalleled responsiveness not only in communications, but in logistics as well. Does a customer need a product demo but they only have 15 minutes over lunch? A salesperson can be there on a moment’s notice. After all, lightning never strikes the same place twice, and every sale is lightning to a small business.

  • You'll Collect Better Analytics
    If you haven’t yet heard the term “Big Data”, it’s only a matter of time. What if you can study your customer's behavier, identify what they need of your service the most, so you engage them at right place in the right time. Or what if you invest only 20% of the budget to a more accurate demographic based on what you learn from your user database. Mobile solution enables all, So are you ready to turn opportunities into revenue ?

  • You Can't Afford Not To
    Few years back, some say creating Mobile app brings your business additonal sales channel; now the time has come to close when mobile will be your only sale channel. It is inevitable natural progression of technology in our society.Look around yourself and recall when was the last time you dont have your mobile device with you at work? Mobile device is a part of people's daily life, there have been already countless reseaches and data shown the trend of mobile market value, however you know the true reason of your business going mobile, so add a new solution to your list in end of 2015 and prepare for a more profitable, more mobile new year.

Why Choose Us

  • ROI    We craft solutions that deliver a solid return on investment.
  • Experts    We are a team of experienced technology veterans with unparalleled technical proficiency.
  • Agile    We embrace changes, continually seeking ways to enhance the final product.
  • Communication    We keep you informed, collect your inputs in every phase of the product lifecycle
  • Cost    Our competitive pricing for high quality results in true value
  • Vision    Our vision guides our business every day: Help businesse Go Mobile. We help business adapt in the ever-evolving industry

  • Who We Are

    • Proactive
    • Pleasant
    • Agile
    • Harmony
    • Sincere
    • Elaborate
    • Elegance

    We Focus

    Question: Can you make my project higher priority ?
    Answer: Your project is our only priority.

    Your local Team

    Question: May I speak with the acutal developer
    Answer: Yes, and you can stop by to meet our team

    WuTech Quality

    Detail oriented
    We value your business essentially
    “WuTech Quality” We make our impact to the world


Information technology consultant + Web solution + Mobile solution

Web Development
Responsive websites:
Bring your site alive on any mobile platform

Enterpise web applications:
We forge the strongest back-end to
carry your business safely in the digital world

Mobile App Development
  • Iphone app
    Native ios app for all iphone devices
  • Android app
    Diverse designs to fulfill your customization
  • Ipad app
    From utility to enertainment, from social media to gaming, our domain is unlimited

Graphic Design
  • User Interface design for Web/Mobile app
  • User Experience design for Mobile app
  • Commercial graphic design, Logo design
  • Digital product design

Digital Marketing
  • SEO(search engine optimisation)
  • PPC(pay per click)
  • Social Media Facebook,Twitter,Google+
  • Viral Marketing Youtube,Blogs,RSS,Email

Cloud Solutions
  • What is it ? Saas(Software as a service)
  • What problem does it resolve?
  • Efficiency
    Workflow is slow because of IT chanllenges?
  • Scalability and Integration
    Hard to scale up because of unperdictable growth?
  • IT costs
    Tired of renting giant servers and hiring technician to maintain your IT infranstructure?
What we offer
  • High Adoption
  • Low Initial Costs
  • Seamless Integration
  • 0-Management

Technology Consulting
Every IT department should support their company's business strategy, not constrain it. WutechSolutions focuses on the strategic needs of our clients' businesses to determine the technology capabilities in order to archieve their long-term business goals.

What We Offer
  • IT strategy
  • IT performance improvement
  • IT transformation


Experienced Team

WuTech team is composed of highly skilled former working professionals from leading technology companies such as IBM, Citrix

Leadership (U.S team)
Yusheng Yang
Senior Director
Alice Johnson
Product Manager
John Harrison
Lead Development
Larry Cooper
Lead Design
Chaim Ramano
Lead Quality Assurance
Ye Wu

Contact US

Wutech Solutions LLC

5725 Corporate Way, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407, US
Miami Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach

If you think you are the elite, Join Us to change the world

Current in need of

Senior IOS developer

Minimum of 5 years software engineering include 2+ year in ios development, programming in Objective-C or Swift, mastering framework such as Cocoa Touch, CoreFoundation, CoreData, UIKit etc

Junior IOS developer

Minimum of 2 years object-oriented programming experience
Experience in social media SDK, location service, Social networking related algorithm

Role Detail Requirement:

• Minimum of 5 years software engineering experience include 2 years in mobile (iOS) development
• Programming Languages: Objective-C (a must), Java, Node.Js.
• Solid understanding of iOS SDK on frameworks such as: UIKit, CoreData, CoreFoundation, Cocoa Touch etc.
• Advanced object-oriented programming and knowledge of design patterns
• Experience with Agile, Test Driven, or Behavior Driven Development
• Strong code refactoring skills
• Passion for software development- embracing every challenge with a drive to solve it
• Up to date with the latest mobile technology and development trends
• Self- motivated, proactive and organized
• 4 year BS degree or equivalent working experience
Following experience will be a plus:
• Experience with face recognition SDK
• Experience with Geo-Location service
• Experience with Social networking and recommendation computing
• Master's degree in computer science or engineer

Other Recruit

UI/UX designer
Business development

For Job Application: